29. 12. 2013
Target goals

New Year’s Resolutions: Goals vs. Not Goals

  I saw this article on my FB friend Lisa’s wall yesterday. I find it fascinating. It rings true to me, and yes, I think it is BonaFide. It is an article by...

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23. 12. 2013
Snow Art

A Man With an Amazing Sense of Perspective

  I am not passing judgment on whether this is a good way to spend one’s time. But I must admit, it is remarkable. Simon Beck walks for miles to create snow art....

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11. 12. 2013
Missionary pamphlet

Mission Prep: Emotional Health – Before and After Service

Back in October, I wrote two posts encouraging our youth to serve their missions when the time is right, and for the rest of us to back off and not be judgmental when...

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06. 12. 2013
Oaks Holland

Lust & Immodesty, Some Apostolic Input

Do you want to purposefully upset some people in the church?  Simply make the assertion that a woman’s immodesty  can impact a man’s behavior. Stand back and watch the sparks fly. At the...

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04. 12. 2013

The Power of Prayer and Self-Control

  As you may have noticed, I really love it when science catches up to religion. Many would think that it should be the other way around, but I disagree. Recently, a pair...

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02. 12. 2013

The Man Behind Moroni

  I had never heard of Karl Quilter before this weekend – but I knew his work – we all do.  He passed away this past Wednesday leaving a remarkable legacy: Karl Quilter...

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