28. 02. 2014

Please Watch This: Bullying – Stop it

My friend Stephanie posted a video on Facebook, I figured I would take a minute and watch it, because I trust her judgment. Two minutes later, I found myself sitting at my desk,...

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24. 02. 2014
Marvin Ashton

Being Prophetic: Bashing

Do you remember 1992? There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Google+, no blogging. It was the Social Media stone ages. That very year, in the April Conference, Elder Marvin J....

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17. 02. 2014
Noelle Pikus Pace

An Awesome Olympian – Noelle Pikus Pace

In case you haven’t been watching the Olympics, you might want to know that Noelle Pikus Pace won a silver medal in the skeleton. I don’t feel the need to say much –...

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