Please Watch This: Bullying – Stop it

On February 28, 2014 by MMM

BullyingMy friend Stephanie posted a video on Facebook, I figured I would take a minute and watch it, because I trust her judgment.

Two minutes later, I found myself sitting at my desk, with a sick feeling in my stomach. Seven minutes later, the tears began welling in my eyes. At 10 minutes, I found understanding and hope.

Please. Please take 10 minutes to watch this video from The Mormon Channel. It contains the teachings of Christ, as taught through President Deiter Ucthdorf.

And then show it to your kids. (FHE, anyone?)


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7 Responses to “Please Watch This: Bullying – Stop it”

  • Laura

    Thank you for sharing that. There were tears.

  • Melissa

    WOW. I wish I could show this to all the students that I teach.

  • Nancy

    Beautiful message. I wish youth and adults would learn this.

  • Missy

    That was amazing! Bullying is no joke, this video was about teens and geared towards them but adults can be bullies to. I recently was cyber attacked by a group of bullies, they created a shared e mail and were all signing in as someone called “Kim” on my blog and spent around three days harassing me! At first I thought it was someone called Kim, then I found out it was actually a group pf people, I responded asking if they were a group and one of them said yes, then about 10 comments later one claimed they were being totally honest about their identity, it was all crazy! So yeah, I get this…this is why I think you are so awesome MMM you are just friends with everyone no judgement, its awesome and quite different from some of the other blogs that I’ve come across. Thank you for sharing this, I am going to show it to my family and I know they will appreciate it.

  • Mindy

    This is so powerful. Like Melissa, I wish I could show this to all of my students… and their parents. It’s hard to get across to them that just saying “I’m kidding…” or “I was just joking…” or “I didn’t mean anything by it…” doesn’t make things okay.
    And just saying, “I’m sorry” afterwards doesn’t fix everything. Yes, being truly sorry is a start, and hopefully that leads to better words and deeds, but that still doesn’t take away the hurt inflicted.
    It’s like the scattering dandelion fuzz or feathers in the wind. Try as you may, you’ll never be able to retrieve all of what has been scattered.

  • A.

    This broke my heart. A must-watch for all families and for all young people. What a great responsibility leaders and parents have to watch for early warning signs and red flags of bullying. Sometimes it isn’t obvious or blatant but if we know the youth we are stewards over well enough to know when something is “off”, we can hopefully make a difference in their lives. We all have a tremendous opportunity to change lives simply by being kind.

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