What and Why

ˈbōnə ˌfīd,ˈbänə/
adjective: bonafide:  genuine; real.
adverb: bonafide:  sincerely; without intention to deceive.

There are a lot of tares scattered out in the great internet wheat field. Or better yet, there is some wheat to be found amongst the tares.  But sometimes, don’t you wish you could just go to a site where you will only find good things?  A safe place, where you don’t have to worry about venom and rebellion?

That’s what Bonafide is for. A place where you can go to find things to read, watch, or buy that have been pre-screened for your safety. Things that will enlighten, inform and uplift – as well as some things that will make you laugh. I promise.

You might ask, what is the screening methodology?  Simply put, if I like it, and deem it safe and worthwhile, I will post it. (It is a very, very small committee.)

Whatever you find on this site, I will have done my very best to make sure it’s BONAFIDE! Because there is enough garbage out there, and you shouldn’t have to wade through it.


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