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IHACD 3 storiesWhen my husband and I were married, we were members of different churches. We agreed to be married on a hiking trail instead of a church to forgo that argument. About two and a half years into our marriage, we really started looking around trying to decide what church was right for our growing family. Some things were said during a sermon at the church we had been attending that neither of us agreed with. We decided that we did not want our children getting conflicting messages and needed to find a church that fit our family.

We began visiting various churches and praying for guidance. One day, about four months after leaving that church, I sat down and prayed for a sign, anything to lead us in our search. That afternoon my husband was our working on his car in the driveway, it was hundred plus degrees outside. He had rolled out from under his car and was just about to head in for a break when he saw two guys in suits walking their bikes down the street. They all exchanged the normal small town greetings and my husband asked if they would care for a cold drink and invited them into the house. We knew nothing about the church, or the word of wisdom so I grabbed them each a beer, which they politely refused. After offering them iced tea instead, they asked if they could have a glass of water. We invited them to sit down while they drank it and after a bit of polite conversation they left us with a Book of Mormon. They returned a few days later and our discussions began, four months later my husband and I were baptized together by those very elders who refused our beer.
It hasn’t always been a smooth road since then, with both our family’s being devout in other religions. However, here we are almost 19 years later and I am thankful everyday that those Elders heeded the Lord’s call to walk down that street one hot summer afternoon.
Debbie and Mel Bircher
Debbie Bircher
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