MMM vs. Facebook: Round 13


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If you have been following me on my blog, or on Facebook, you know that I have had some ups and downs with Facebook.  Here is a brief recap:

For years I have had a private FB account for friends and family. I used it every now and again, probably for the same reasons you do: to make everyone jealous when we are on vacation.

I also had an anonymous Middleaged Mormon Man page to publicize my posts, and -let’s be honest- to goof around with my MMM friends. (2,900 at last count, and I know and love each and every one of them.)

Last Fall, Facebook pulled the plug on my MMM page because my name is not actually Middleaged Mormon Man. Apparently, unless I am a drag queen or something seedy, I am not entitled to an anonymous page. Who knew?

Sooo, to make a long story even longer, I reverted to using a Facebook Page for my MMM presence. This is exactly what FB wants to happen, those cheeky devils.  Here’s their play:

When I would post a photo, or comment, or link to my blog on my old page, all my friends would receive the message. Hooray! But then, after the switch, when I posted a link or comment, or photo on my MMM Page, a small percentage of you would receive it.  Sometimes 25%, sometimes more, sometimes less. Highly unpredictable. That bugged me, but what was I to do?

Why would they throttle me like that? I wasn’t like I was posting a lot of cat pictures. The reason? $$$.  Facebook wanted me to pay for wider distribution of my stuff. Like that’s gonna happen! Maybe a business that actually makes money might want to do that, but I am just a lowly wannabe writer – I ain’t got cash for that!

So, today, the very day after Kevin Moon became my 3,000th Page Liker, and friend for life, things are changing yet again.

Facebook gave me back my MMM page – the one with the huge amount of friends – you guys! After a three-month void, I am returning to the way it used to be.

The only difference is that FB requires me to include my real name – but since it is no longer a secret, it is no big deal.

There is only one problem: Now I have two personal pages in my name, and I’s sure FB won’t allow that for long. After stewing about it, and consulting an “eclectic” group of people, I have decided to handle it this way:

I am going to close out my original, personal account, and invite all my friends and family to move over and join me on the Bradley McBride aka Middleaged Mormon Man page. They will receive “Close Friend” status, and a canned ham every Christmas.

If you are one of those lucky people who are my friends on both accounts, please “unfriend” me on THIS account, and start using THIS account.

If you are only friends on my original Bradley McBride account, please unfriend me on THAT account and join me on THIS account. If you aren’t a friend on either, then don’t tell me – my fragile ego could never endure that.

Got it?  (I’ll post helpful comments on the old account before I activate it.) I will keep maintaing the “Page” for posts and stuff, but the chaos will ensue on the personal account. If it is too much for your newsfeed to handle, I understand, and forgive you for cutting me back.

There you have it. Another day, another hour lost to Facebook. I look forward to chatting with you all again!

I also bought some Haagen Daaz Rocky Road ice cream for later tonight, but it has no bearing on this post. Just thought you should know.





  1. And THAT is exactly why I avoid Facebook. It is a train wreck when most people just want to connect with friends and family. Why does it have to get so complicated? Love love love your posts!

  2. Debbie has a point. Those crazy FB people are constantly changing everything. Drives me crazy but then I figure it’s probably good to adjust to change, maybe it will ward off dementia and alzheimers which is just around the corner for me.

  3. Yep. I have am extremely similar story as yours! I was forced to include my “real” first name to my Mormon Soprano FACEBOOK a couple months ago. I’m in the process of “saving” my info and migrating the profile into a business-like PAGE. I’ve been told it “should” work, except when it doesn’t and you lose everything (so comforting). I still keep my personal account separate from my blog account. Makes for a bit of craziness… Facebook is a Nessesary evil 😉 good Luck with the migrations a d changes! – Holly

  4. So, do you know, do folks get all your posts if they select Get Notifications? (I think it’s Big Facebook lobbyists crowding out the little guys. Reeks of such, anyhow. Opens the doors for disruptive competition, tho. maybe that’s a good thing? We’ll have to wait and see).

    • It seems that Facebook even throttles those who have requested notifications. Sometimes I would show up in there feed hours, even days after I posted. The more interactive the post (Comments, shares, etc.) the more they would disseminate it. All very stupid, and geared towards making the Page owner pay to promote their posts.

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