One of Us is the Goat


Lonely Goatherd

It was a rough night, and I blame my wife.

Anyone who has followed this blog knows that I adore my EC, and would never say anything negative about her in public. But yesterday, she did something that I think justifies a little bit of public scorn.

Yesterday she sang part of this to me:

Yes, The Lonely Goatherd song from the Sound of Music.  She didn’t sing the whole thing – mainly just the Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo” part. I don’t know if it was on purpose, just to mess with me, or if it just slipped out.

I mean who DOES that to someone they love? Seriously!

Since then it has been imbedded in my brain. All through the night It invaded my dreams. I awoke with it on my lips – that and a craving for a Ricola cough drop. And here I am, well into my day, and it is still playing in an endless loop.

I told her last night, and expressed how it made me feel. Her reaction was not of sympathy, or pity, or even support. She laughed at me, and seemed almost self-satisfied. Who is this woman? I mean what “Love Language” is THAT?

I’m sure that eventually I will recover from this mistreatment. If I put on some 80’s music, I’m sure I can replace it soon enough with something a little less insidious. Wish me luck. But, please consider this experience when you communicated with your spouse.

Now I am craving Chicken Bryan from Carrabbas – you know the one with the goat cheese and the lemon butter sauce? I blame her for that too, in a more tangential kind of way.

The only silver lining in this otherwise dark sky is that the goats reminded me of something that I think each of us need to revisit on a regular basis. Yes, I am talking about the fainting goats video.





  1. Almost daily I pass a pasture with goats and that song gets in my head almost every time! I feel your pain.

  2. My husband, thinking that he is hilarious, sings the 70’s favorite “Muskrat Love” until it gets stuck in my head. Awful!

  3. The first thing that popped in my head was the Goat Version of Taylor Swift’s song Trouble. Now that is stuck in my head. If you really want something goat related stuck in your head try looking that one up on YouTube.

  4. with the weather in Northern Arizona today….I have 10.5 more hours of not flying and thinking about “her mama with a knowing look…..” !!!

  5. Loved this!! Now my husband and I are going around singing this song. Too funny!! It’s been years since I watched Sound of Music. I forgot how good the puppet scene was. One of my favorite musicals. Thanks for this delightful, funny post.

  6. Guess I gotta dig out my copy of Sound of Music and watch it for the one millionth time. And ditto about It’s a Small World. That would cause me to collapse in uncontrollable seizures.

  7. One phrase in the fainting goat video (at 56 seconds) was cause for some personal discomfort: “These (symptoms) can be caused by something as simple as being fed.” There are some foods I’ve eaten that might…I’m just saying MIGHT…have caused this kind of reaction.

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