Instant Post-Conference Thoughts: Sunday A.M. (October ’17)


Note:  These are the instant, mildly-filtered things that ran through my brain and heart as I watched this session of General Conference. If you are looking for deep, spiritual analysis, this is not the place. Drive on. Please check back later for that, after I have had some time to process.

• I woke up about 8 minutes ago… I know, awesome! Thankfully, there are lots of choir numbers so that I can savor these orange rolls.

• I have always liked the “Alleluias” in “Press Forward Saints.”

• In case you were wondering, the Color of the Day is Cyan. Cyan.


President Jean Bingham, RS President. Sharp lady. (She’s pretty cute. Is that wrong to say?)

“Where can I turn for peace?” – Turning to the Savior and living the gospel.

She memorized “The Living Christ” as talked about the great blessing it has been to her. “As you study Christ’s life and teachings in a myriad of ways, your faith in Him will increase.”

Killer quote: “When the storms of life press upon us, do we frantically look for a how-to book or an internet post for help?”

“Sometimes we are afraid to trust because we don’t understand God’s absolute love and desire to help us.”

Good, solid talk about finding peace by getting to know the Savior better. That is how we will find joy and peace.


Elder Donald Hallstrom told the story of a youth leader who took a tumble off a cliff, and his miraculous survival.

Asks the hard question about those who are faithful, yet their miracle Never comes.

“My limited knowledge cannot explain why sometimes there is divine intervention, and sometimes there is not.”

Spent some time defining what a miracle is, “A beneficial event brought about by circumstances beyond human understanding” and the relationship to faith.

“Do we have the faith ‘not to be healed’ from our earthly afflictions so that we might be healed eternally?’ Where is our faith focused? Is it on relieving our suffering our on God’s will. (These are some tough ideas.)

“We are living a miracle, and further miracles lie ahead.”


Elder David A. Bednar. It is too easy to get diverted form essential spiritual things because of the business of the world. “Sometimes…we try to run so fast that we may forget where we are going and why we are running.”

…and as I try and take notes, I realize that Elder Bednar is talking about EVERYTHING. I might need to just sit back and let it wash over me.

“We are too apt to forget the great object of life.”

When you spin it down, he is making the point that sabbath day and temple will keep us free from the world.

Showing up to Church and the Temple is insufficient – we must draw spiritual strength from them. “The presence and power of the Holy Ghost.”

We should take the things we learn on the Sabbath and in the temple and bring them into our homes.

“The gospel is so much more than a routine checklist of discreet tasks to be performed, rather it is a magnificent tapestry of truth, fitly framed and woven together designed to help us become like our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, even partakers of the divine nature.”

Watch out for the “cares and casualness” of the world. (It appears that overcoming wordiness is one of the themes this year.)


• OK, because I am me, I Googled “Magnificent Tapestry of Truth,” and got this picture. Rubens “Triumph of Truth Over Heresy.”

• Back to conference…


W. Christope Waddell 2nd Counselor, OPB. Told the story about a man creating a fulfilling life, while blind.

“Due to the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can move forward and have better days.”

Told the story of the Nephites in bondage: “Rather than blame God, they turned to God.” and the Lord eased their burdens, while not removing them.

This is a great talk to follow Elder Hallstrom’s talk about miracles/non miracles.

“The sad irony is that too often those most in need turn away from their one most erect source of help – our Savior Jesus Christ.”

Followed with the story of the fiery serpents. “Look to the Savior and live.”

“True, enduring happiness with the accompanying strength, courage, and capacity to overcome but rather where we choose to focus & the foundation upon which we choose to build.”

Big quote: “How we respond to life’s challenges is a choice.”


• Missing my kids who have left the nest extra this weekend.


Elder W. Craig Zwick. Cool voice. Talked about The Lion King, and how Rafiki told Simba that he needed to “Look beyond what you see.”

“To look beyond what we see, we must look at others through the eyes of our Savior.”

“We must look past the easy assumptions and stereotypes and widen the tiny lens of our own experience.”

I will always remember Elder Zwick as the first General Authority to reference Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

I love the story of Elisha and the chariots coming to his aid, “And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us aremore than they that be with them.” (2 Kings 6:16) (But today it made me think of the Army of the Undead in Lord of the Rings.) (Between that and Miley Cyrus, apparently my head is not in the right place this morning.)

Social media takes yet another hit. This time Pinterest and Instagram were included. “Instead of seeing through the lens of social media, we need to look inward for the Godly attributes to which we each lay claim.”  “These Godly qualities and longings cannot be posted on Pinterest or Instagram.”

“Looking beyond what we can see requires constant focus on our Savior.”

This is an important idea, and I hope it doesn’t get buried in this treasure trove f information: “To accept and love others does NOT mean we must embrace their ideas!”

“When we pay attention to spiritual ‘alarms’ that signal a need for course correction or larger eternal perspective we are receiving the sacramental promise to have His Spirit be with us.” Nice!

Really loved, and needed this talk. Multiple nudges in this one.


• This just in: The Priesthood choir just now finished singing all the verses to Secret Prayer.

• Remember how exhausted the young Joseph Smith was after spiritual experiences?  We’ve got some of that going on in our living room right now.


President Henry B. Eyring began by reiterating President Monson’s April challenge and promises regarding daily reading of the Book of Mormon. President Eyring has read the Book of Mormon every day for over FIFTY YEARS!  And that, folks, is why President Eyring is President Eyring.

“Those of us who took his inspired counsel to heart have heard the Spirit more distinctly.”

“The Spirit he promised has produced a sense of optimism about what lies ahead, even as the commotion in the world seems to increase.”

Talked about the Teton flood in Rexburg (40 years ago) and ongoing cleanup of the recent hurricanes in TX and FL. “Yellow Angels.”

“A man filled with the love of God is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world anxious to bless the whole human race.” (Joseph Smith)

“That desire to bless is the fruit of people gaining a testimony of Jesus Christ, his gospel, his restored church and his prophet.”


“Our hearts, however, remain changed only as long as we continue to follow the prophet’s counsel. If we stop trying, after one burst of effort, the change will fade.”

“Following Him in your life and in your service to others is the only way to eternal life.”

“Faith always defeats fear.”

I love when the Brethren offer us optimism: “The best days are ahead for the kingdom of God on the earth.”


• I love the song “I Believe in Christ,” especially because Bruce R. McConkie wrote the words.

• Amazing that there is only one session left. It flies by.


  1. Hey – I *liked* that arrangement of Secret Prayer and even commented positively about it to my wife via text message (she was watching at home – I was at our building with the rest of my Ward Priesthood brethren… and ice cream). It could’ve gone on even longer for my tastes. Very nicely done for an all-male choir. With the new shorter format of the Priesthood Session and with President Monson not speaking, it’s not like there isn’t time for long musical numbers.

  2. Cyan, Cyan. Beautiful cyan🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶 My husband works for the Church and this is part of the branding effort to unify all media. . He’s so glad you noticed!

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