Here is how to reach me in the rest of my Social Media Empire. (And by “Empire” I mean “Black hole where all my productive time seems to go.”)

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Ahh Facebook.  What can I say?  It is a guilty pleasure.  If my blog is “school,” then Facebook is surely “Recess.”  I apologize in advance for the bizarreness that sometimes envelopes my Facebook threads and posts.  Come be my friend!

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I’ve tried, but Twitter hates me. I maybe it’s the limited text, or the incessant hashtags, but for some reason, it doesn’t really click for me like ti does other people. Yet I still try. If you would like to watch me struggle, here is my link:

Remember, you can tweet me – so that I feel the love.  #twitterhatesme


I am quick to admit that joining Pinterest put my “Man Card” in jeopardy. It is a mysterious place, full of crafty ideas, recipes that nobody will ever try, and lots and lots of memes. Why am I there?  Because a lot of my loyal, smart and good-looking readers hang out there – “pinning” wildly. It helps spread the joy of MMM.

You might notice that a LOT of the pins that direct toward my blog are broken – that is one of the worms that I liberated from the can while making the change. If you have one of these links, please kill it! I’ll make more!

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I put this one down near the bottom out of abject shame.  What would an anonymouse person do with an Instagram account if he can’t take endless “selfies?”  Well, I started by teaching the gospel with Taco Bell Sauce packets. Yeah, high quality stuff. It may very well get better. Or maybe not.

Subscribing to either blog:  You can use FeedlyBloglovin’, or subscribe via email. Take your pick – I am still trying to figure out how to bring the whole 1,005 of you over from Google.

EMAIL:  My email is now Feel free to use it for whatever reason you see fit. Unless that reason is to ask me to participate in a fantastic new multi-level business opportunity, or to tell me things that you should only be telling your bishop or therapist. Also – if I have messed anything up, feel free to drop me a line. No guarantees…

There you go!  Welcome to the digital world of MMM. Let me know when something is not working right.

In all sincerity, I do appreciate that you read and follow my blog. The response has been greater than I ever imagined. I can’t help but think there are more like-minded people out there who like to discuss important things, and laugh a little too – so please share!

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  1. How do we follow you on feedly since the swith? I clicked the button on the side and get the page saying, “Sorry. Feed not found. This URL does not point to a valid feed. It is possible that this feed existed in the past and is not longer published. It is also possible that you entered the wrong URL. ”

    I can see a short blurb from the start of your post in my feed but it truncates and requires that I go to the website to read the whole post…

    Help? Please?

  2. I am having trouble with your new RSS feed as well. I use my Windows Live Mail program for all my RSS feeds. Since you didn’t have a link to your direct feed, I typed “feed” in at the end of the URL for your home page. Your feed did come up with an option to subscribe, which I did. However, it has been a week or so, and your feed has not updated in my reader. If I try to copy and paste your feed address in by hand it tells me I am already subscribed to your feed. But I still don’t get updates in my reader. Something is amiss…..

  3. I have your blog post snippets on my blog sidebar and love coming here to see what you have to say (although the snowmonkeys one just didn’t do anything for me, sorry to say, even though I generally find your brand of humor right up my alley). However, one thing to note- since I found your blog earlier this year, I had enjoyed getting to know you and your thoughts better by clicking on the seemingly randomly generated other post titles/pics directly under each post. Here at your new home, they all seem to be the most recent ones- no more opening new (to me) posts which lead to MORE new posts which leads to burning the bread. Good for the bread, sad for me…I’m not sure if that’s a product of the pool for random selection now containing only what you’ve written here since the move, or what, but I prefer the old randomness so I can enjoy your past wisdom and witticism in an interest-driven way (as opposed to just starting at your first post and working forward in the archives.)

  4. Hi. Still having trouble with your RSS feed. It didn’t work. Then it started working for a while. Now I just realized I hadn’t had any of your articles come through my feed in a while and checked your blog and found out that, yes, I have been missing out on them. So the RSS feed seems to be broken again. Any idea why?

  5. I just want you to know I love and appreciate absolutely everything about what you’re doing here. Thank you for doing it – hopefully more do the same kind of thing!

  6. MMM – I think I’m a little older than you are. When I was a boy, those mints you talked about were called High Priest Drops. The thing I remember most about them was that there were four letters on each mint. They looked like this XXXX – and my dad only used the white ones, because that way he didn’t feel conspicuous taking one in the temple.

  7. It seems like I’m one of the few people NOT having trouble connecting with you – for which I am thankful, believe it or not. No sarcasm intended (unusual for me, I know).

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