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April, 2017

This little blog of mine has now crossed the 6 year mark. Crazy, I know. Some of you reading this have been following for a long, long time. Some of you followed for a while, left to get snacks, got distracted, but eventually came back around.  I am also aware that there are a lot of you that are brand-spankin’ new. This post is for you new readers, to help you feel comfortable, and have a firmer grip on what actually goes on here.

The Archive

First, there is an archive of over 1000 posts. You are not required to read all of them right now. Over the years, I have switched platforms, and some of the older posts might have spacing, or video playback issues. I will get to those eventually. Maybe.

There is a tab up above called Top Posts that highlight a few, but you really need to just dig in. It isn’t all Churchy – there is some pop culture stuff, some parenting stuff, and some just plain silly stuff. (I try to refrain from political rants.)

You are probably thinking, “1000 posts?”  I know – I am either very prolific, or a windbag. Or a very prolific windbag. Your choice. You might also be asking“How is it that I have never heard of MMM until today?” Well, it is completely understandable, some people haven’t read anything on my blog, whereas some already know about me. Case in point:

(Hehehe.  Cracks me up every time. The link to that specific post is here.)

The Lexicon

I refer to my sweet wife as my EC: My Eternal Companion, because that’s how I see her. I refer to my children as FOMLs: The Fruit of my Loins. Because it’s funny. Other than that, it is pretty straightforward, with the understanding that Miracle Whip is of the devil.

The Posts

This blog is a bit of an amalgamation. It can swing from really silly, to deadly serious – sometimes in the same post. I feel that we can smile and talk about important things without being sacrilegious. I also believe we can tease ourselves about our unique culture in the Church, without trampling on sacred things. The Gospel and the brethren are respected here.


Funny and spiritual don’t always mix, so focusing on both can be a little dangerous. Not everyone has the same definition of “funny.” One man’s funny might be another mans stupid. I would prefer you think me stupid than sacrilegious.

Speaking of stupid: Yes, the posts are riddled with typos. I know. You don’t need to tell me. Try not to fixate on them. If my posts weren’t usually written pre-dawn, or I had more time, they would be flawless.

The Spiritual

If you need a lift, you are in luck. Not only are there lots of posts about spiritual things, there are two secret weapons for an immediate spiritual boost.

IHACD 3 cutout

1) The first Sunday in June is International Hug a Convert Day. (IHACD) Every year wonderful readers share their personal stories about how they were converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The stories are beautiful. Some will make you cry, some will make you gasp. They will help you feel the Spirit.

I have put links to all of the stories (70+) at the top of the blog on the page tab Conversion Stories.


2) Sunday Night Check-in (SNCI) is a weekly event that happens on my Facebook page. The basic rules are this: Post the single best thing that happened to you on that Sunday. (Naps, food and sports are usually forbidden.)

It turns into a wonderful assortment of inspiring comments – sometimes hundreds. It is uplifting to read what other Church members experience, what they struggle with, and what they are grateful for. For many, it is one of the high points of their Sabbath. Here is the link to my Facebook page. SNCI happens Sunday night, 9:00pm, Utah time.

The Community

I am greatly blessed to be able to say that MMM has a wonderful community of friends and followers. And I’m not even kissing up.  They make this experience and this blog so much more. Rarely a day goes by where there isn’t a fun or interesting Facebook conversation, or link to something worthwhile.

One of the best parts of the blog is the community interaction. Read the comments. Sometimes they are better than the actual post, and add even more to the ideas being discussed. Sometimes they can be hilarious.

I do moderate the comments, and delete them occasionally. I have no interest in providing a forum for those who teach falsehoods, or spout venom. The only time I post those kind of comments is when I think I can use them to teach something. I try not to bite back…  Play nice.

As you get started with MMM, it might bring back bad memories of sitting at the wrong lunchroom table, but stick with it, and dive in. Some of us have been friends for several years, and it shows. Don’t be intimidated by the banter. They are good people, and there is always room for more. (Lurking is still acceptable)

Dive in!

The best way to always know when something new has been posted is to sign up over on the right side of the page where it says Subscribe via Email. Plan on an average of 3 posts per week. Historically, Facebook has been the way to get the word out, but they are playing games with their distribution methods. It is my understanding that if you “LIke” my FB page, you will get notifications, but I’m not sure if that really works…

Glad to have you aboard! I appreciate that you take the time to read what I write. I am very aware of what a gift that is to me, as well as the responsibility that comes with it. What started out as just a way to kill some time has become much more than that to me, and some of you.

If you smile, great. If you learn something, even better.

Thanks to you all, and have fun!


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It is tough to pick out what you might like (beyond the ones listed in Top Posts. Remember, as my Grampa used to say, “If everyone liked the same thing, everybody would be chasing your Gramma.”

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