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Here are the nuts and bolts about me:  My name is Brad McBride, I am happily married to my Eternal Companion (EC) and I have 5 kids, two daughter-in-laws, one granddaughter, and one dog.

I have been running this blog since December of 2010. It is good for me, and hopefully, worthwhile for you. I am probably a lot like you: Trying to make my way through this mortal existence, following the Savior, taking care of my family, and finding things to smile about.

For 26 years I have run a small ad agency in Mesa, AZ. I have spent my adult life serving in the LDS Church in everything from Scoutmaster to Bishop. I’ve coached dozens of little league basketball and soccer teams. I worked with a fantastic humanitarian organization called Care For Life, and served as its President for several years. Most recently became a member of the ANWA writer’s group.

Questions I have been asked:

What do you consider “middleaged”? I am middleaged, if I live to be 100.  If I live to be 70, then I crossed the middle about 20 years ago.  (Of course Alice Cooper called 18 the middle of life, and he’s 63) They say you are only as old as you feel – so most mornings I am 82.

What is the purpose of your blog?  Purpose?  There is supposed to be a purpose? Now you tell me. I guess the purpose is simply to write down things that make me think, and make me smile.  If I get a smile from my wife, all the better.

My favorite part is trying to help make gospel principals and doctrines more relatable and easier to understand through the use of experiences and explanation. Hopefully, I am doing my part to spread the beauty that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Where were you raised?  Bountiful, Utah – then relocated to Scottsdale Arizona at the age of 15. Then it was back to Utah to attend BYU, off on a mission to Chile, back to BYU, then back to Arizona to raise our family.

Whence then cometh your wisdom?  (Clever Job 28:20, got it.) I have been fortunate in my life to do many things and go many places.  You can pick up a lot from paying attention, and reading, and listening, and studying, and praying etc.  I also feel sometimes that the “veil” they gave me when I came to this earth is more like a venetian blind than most.

Are you an active member of the LDS church?  Absolutely. I am rock-solid and fully committed to the church and the gospel.  I’m there with my EC and the FOML every Sunday.  Because that is how we roll in the MMM household. White shirts and ties. Soft seats.

The reason I am an active member of the church is best stated by Paul in the famous “scripture chase” scripture Romans 1:16: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.

The doctrines and ordinances that make that salvation possible are found within the Church.  You cannot have one without the other.  (Much like Reese’s.  Gotta have both the peanut butter and the chocolate.) So don’t start with the “I believe but don’t participate” stuff. The doctrines are divine. – our personal application of those doctrines – not so much.

I love and sustain the prophet, as well as the other 14 apostles. (Made you think)  I am fully supportive of them, and you will not ever find me being critical of them, or the things they ask us to do.  I find it fascinating that one of the names John uses to describe Satan is “the accuser of our brethren”. (Rev. 12:10)  I have very little tolerance for that.

Please do not interpret my silliness with a lack of respect of things sacred.  My desire in life is to be fully obedient. Yup.  Fully.  I fail often. Sometimes spectacularly. Yet you can strive for sainthood and have a good laugh once in a while.

The Lord has blessed me with a life beyond what I merit.  My wife and children are amazing. We have been blessed with all of our needs, and most of our wants. (Except  for that whole unresolved beach house want.)

Why the initial anonymity? I am no longer anonymous, but for the first four years I was.  In case you are curious as to why I began anonymously, here is the answer I used to give:

I might be anonymous to you, but that doesn’t mean I am anonymous to everyone. The people that know who I am know who I amHave you stopped to think that I could be your Home Teacher, or your kid’s seminary teacher, or the crazy conspiracy theorist that won’t shut up in Elder’s Quorum?  I’m not – but I could be.

I know a lot of people, and I don’t want them reading my blog just because they know me.  It is really hard to make fun of them that way. Besides, if Aunt Millie started making comments, I’d be done. We’d all be done. But do not fear: What you see here is the real me – just without my name attached.

Oddly, I took a survey and out of 700 readers, 75% said they do NOT want to know who I really am, however the gods of the internet made me come clean. 

But now my life is an open book – except for the sealed parts.

Is there anything you don’t know?  Oh so very much.  I do not know where Lehi landed.  The beautiful part of this is that I DON’T CARE. Nor do I care where the “real” Cumorah was located.  Nor do I care about “chiasmus” in the Book of Mormon. It is true because it is.  God told me so. That I know.

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  1. I have a burning question that I cannot find the answer to on your site. One of my interests or hobbies is Mormon History, and to me MMM stands for one thing – an event in southern Utah on September 11, 1857. (Any questions just Google “MMM Mormon”) I realize it may not mean the same thing to everyone in the way “IRS” or even “BS” does, but among Mormon History buffs it will stand out the way “LOL” does to the average American teen.

    I am curious if this is intentional for some reason, a mistake, or known but not seriously considered? I could understand a well thought out and explained reasoning in a vein such as “remember the Alamo” …but without that it can come across as a frequent and stark reminder of the darkest day in our colllective history.

    My personal suggestion would be to add an “A” for Middle-Aged: MAM.

    • You are very wise and observant. Short answer – it was intentional. Why? I am tired of MMM being forever linked to an incident that isn’t a shining moment of LDS history, and hope that one day, when you type “MMM” into Google, anti-mormon rants against the Mountain Meadows Massacre won’t be the only thing that comes up.

  2. Hard to get me to smile – you did! Appreciate your comments, and your humor. You remind me of some of my “naughty” brothers 😉

    A really nice brother is at

  3. Can I ask where you were born and grew up? You can give the general area, not specific! That’s not divulging too much information! Have you lived in several places? Where is your favorite place to vacation?
    Does awesomeness run in your family? Like do your kids have your sense of humor and wit? Did your parents?
    Love you and your blog!

    • Yes, you may ask where I was born and grew up. Feel free.

      My family has the awesomeness. I just got the table scraps.
      And thank you for your kind words.

  4. Ps we are FT prosylting missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:)( think younger couples missionaries one in 40’s) 😉 we’ve been blessed as my husband is retired physician. We are able to spend this time in service of our Savior and we love Him and this Gospel! Your blog really made my day, thank you! I wish all members had this testimony and determination to stay on the path:)The Holy Ghost reveals the truth, no amount of intellectualizing can do this. Although I’m a biochemist with high IQ, my testimony of things spiritual comes from the Spirit. Too many want to not rely on things of the Spirit and then fall away into forbidden paths and are lost forever. Thank you for your strong testimony, and for relying on your faith and the Holy Ghost. This is truly where peace and happiness lay.

  5. I totally think I know who you are! Too funny! And if you aren’t him, you certainly have someone who talks JUST LIKE YOU in a certain place I’ll be nice enough to not mention….just in case it really is you….(Did you really think I’d blow your cover by mentioning where? Seriously???)

  6. Thank you for giving the opportunity to people to read and enjoy this blog. Thank you for posting my story, is nice to know that my life matters to others and my testimony is strong enough to lift others.

    • My pleasure. And I will admit that much of it is for selfish motives: Stories like yours are good for my soul.

  7. Please pass along a note under Abby’s Falls’ hug:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeze. You must have a testimony if it survived me. Sorry I was such a [insert lengthy slew of expletives]. Thank you for letting me be part of your story.

    • That’s fine – because I don’t trust you because you are dishonest, and use church quotes from the Handbook out of context. The section you are referring to is for people using online resources as part of a church calling.

      • Plus we have been instructed NOT to quote out of that Handbook. Paraphrase, but not quote. I just found your blog, and I love it.

  8. I just found your blog the other day. There is quite a bit I need to catch up on. Found you from a link from MormonWomanStand, I Have Questions blog. I am a person many tell me I need to write a book. Faith has seen me through many situations and challenges. I am just happy my husband and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and go to the Temple regularly. I appreciate your stories and how you write. Thank you

  9. Wow. Am I late for the party or what? I just discovered your blog a few days ago with the article on long sacrament meetings. I guess I have a lot of reading to do. I hope there’s not a quiz later, unless you make it an open-blog quiz. You truly have a gift, thanks for your insight and humor.

  10. I like your profile
    It gives me quite a bit of information
    I see your faith is strong
    But I am disappointed you do not care for Chiasmus
    Chiasmus are an interesting literary form
    And many have found their faith increased
    As they have learned more about them
    But your profile is still nice

  11. This is the first time that I read your blog. I am surprised the way you write, I understand you have a very strong testimony. I also have a strong testimony, and I dont question any of the points that some criticise,
    I’m more than “middle aged” I’m almost at the “endage”– not that I feel that way, personnally I feel as if I’ have still so much to learn and so much to do, hopefully I will have time to accomplish some of my goals..
    before I’ll leave. But your blog is really pleasant to read, it makes me feel happy and at peace, and I completely agree with everything you believe. Who cares where Cumarah is located, or exactly where Jared saw the finger of the Lord? I dont, just like you , the Lord tells me what I need to know, and for me that is enough. Not knowing you personnally will not change my opinion about you, You are a very sincere mormon, and I consider myself the same., I only hope to be able to follow your blog and read your writings because they make me feel good. Thanks a lot.

  12. Your thoughts on “Stay in the Boat” helped prepare me for my talk that I need to give this Sunday, and I thank you for that. But reading your words also made me want to know more about you. And, I read your profile. It lived up to what I thought about you after reading about this topic. Your family is blessed.

  13. I love your loyalty and rock-solid conversion to the Saviour’s true church! I love how you defend and love our leaders! You absolutely Rock!

  14. Only discovered your blog today…. Just loved it!!! You write just as my eldest son speaks, …. It was like listening to him! I will forward it to him! He also has a rock solid testimony of the gospel, as do I….. Thankyou!

  15. I live on the other side of the ocean, but that does not mean I live differently than you. Your strong testimony is the same as mine. Your ideas and the way you live your faith is exactly like mine.
    Unfortunately I’m the only baptized member of my family, but that does not influence my faith and testimony. Just like you I dont care where Nefi desembarked or where Nefi camped with his family, I KNOW ir is true because I asked and got my answer. Doubt never entered my mind after receiving my testimony. I just love reading your blog, it inspires me, makes me laugh, and I seem to know you personnally just reading you. Sometimes you make me feel a bit lonely when you describe your feelings for your family and especially your spouse. There is a lot I cannot share with my husband and sons, but I always threat him as if he was a member of our church, and a could be priest. I respect him and his ideas, but I cannot share them. So please go on writing your blog with your usual faith and humour, so that I can go on reading you and feeling good.l Thank you. We do need a bit of humour in our life, and our faith is a happy one.

  16. Dear Brad,

    I was so pleased that you added the “missing piece” our Lord Jesus Christ. Yes it is Jesus’ plan became his atonement made it work. But ultimately it is the Father’s plan and He should be noted as we draw our charts of “the great plan of Happiness.” (Alma 42:8) My son-in-law Jason and I have been working on a Plan of Exaltation diagram/chart for a couple of years now, and its coming together very well (in our humble opinion). After reading your article I went back and saw that we had instinctively written the name of Jesus Christ six times and of God the Father twice in different places.

    In the center of the chart (on one 8 1/2 x 11 page of course) we placed Jesus’ atonement, which is a simple parallel chiasmus, a. Gethsemane,b. Calvary, x. 3 days in spirit world, b. resurrection, a.ascension into heaven. See Mosiah 18:2. This scripture is the centerpiece of our book on the atonement. Chiasmus pervades the doctrines of the Church, adding emphasis and meaning.

    Thank you so much, Vern G. Swanson

  17. I saw once on your blog a picture of Christ that a young friend of yours did. I black and white sketch. I want to buy one now that I am in my new house…… I can’t find the info on your blog. Heather

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