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Cherry on topSome of the top blog posts over the years. I’m not sure how to define “Top,” because some of the “Top” posts that got widely circulated are not necessarily better than others that didn’t get notice.  Instead, I looked at the response, and what I figure “matters.” Some are funny, some very serious.  Here is a mix, with the funny ones last:

• Posts about My Faith

Heroes. A simple testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith.

I am Mormon, and I Have Questions. A post discussing how to deal with the perceived conflict of questions and faith. Picked up by the Deseret News, and widely commented on. Some loved it, others hated it.

Finding Simple Truths Amid Chaos. Sometimes it is much harder than it needs to be to find fulfillment in the Gospel.


• Posts on Church Culture

To the Happy Couple: You’ve Been Warned. A fathers’s counsel to his recently engaged son and daughter-in-Law to be.

FYI: 18 is NOT the New 19:  Thoughts about the missionary age change, and concerns about pressure.

Failing Conference. What do we take away from General Conference: Hope, or Guilt?


• The Reverence Posts (There are a bunch, but here are the three most trafficked.)

Thoughts on Reverence  My views on reverence. Read some of the 207 comments. Fascinating.

Reverence: The Table  A technique to help little ones learn to be reverent in settings that call for reverence.

Reverence: That’s the Rub  Do you condone, or oppose backscratching at church?


• Humor, with a taste of LDS Culture

Just a Suggestion: A New Young Women Value.  Just an idea…don’t get mad!

Cub Scouts: May I suggest Something? Some awards that parents would love to see their Cubs earn.

If Snow Monkeys Were Mormon. The title says it all.


Let the links take you where they may – you might find something just for you!


  1. Ok. I am turning to you, cause if I’m reading you right you have been exasperated by similar situations, and I think your understanding and humor in gospel situations is the best but I am not finding a post from you related to these frustrations I’m dealing with in the work of the gospel. Will you direct me to one if you do? Thanks. My frustration is that I have been called to a new presidency position and I’ve been dealing with drama for the past week. Can I just say I am tempted to FB something like: “Guess what?—- the Lord can help you with your problems, so maybe pray before you complain to the world” or “.I know, let’s blow something like the color of the bulletin board to a level of insanity” or “Golden Rule people: If you want good things to happen to you, you might want to do good things for others.” Did everyone just forget all gospel common sense? What did some of the Prophets (not that I am comparing myself to a prophet in any way) but what kind of things was Noah, or Nephi tempted to say “Duh, people you are going to have problems if you don’t change” “Duh, Look at the staff and you won’t die” I really have a prayerful love for these people and their welfare but it just seems leaders have to often deal with a lack of this gospel common sense. Let us forget this pettiness and move forward people. Thanks for letting me vent, love your blog.

    • Sis. Marley,
      as one who has spent most of his adult life in the “mission field” let me say that “many are called, but few are chosen” Now that I have retired, to a western state that I used to make jokes about, let me tell you a few things that I have learned.

      As members of the church we are all “called to serve”. There are way too many within the church who have not developed enough understanding of the gospel to realize that Pres. Hinckley did not include a “be” in there anywhere for a reason. Additionally, there are way too many have never had to take a stand on their own, and don’t know how. The worst part is (and I occasionally fall in this category) many fall prey to the idea that as the “chosen people” we are to be taken care of. Completely forgetting that it is the “chosen” who are to take care of all others.
      I imagine the Lord wanted to smack His apostles upside the head more than a few times. I’ve come to the realization that those feelings come from one source. Even though I keep telling my bishop and stake president that I am the wrong guy for a particular assignment, they keep giving them to me, and somehow I find the compassion, empathy and patience to actually do the job….hopefully correctly.

  2. We have found love is truly the answer! Sometimes tough love, drawing boundaries etc other times coddling , leading, supporting with a hug . It is frustrating seeing ppl not want to help themselves sometimes. I grew up extremely poor but had awesome amazing mom!!:) I feel it gave me good, solid foundation. ( ps as mention previous we are prosylting missionaries for Church.) we love it!! It has been a lesson in patience when I meet ppl with much more than my poor Mom and family had, complaining about their iPod got stolen etc. 😉 or not having enough yet their fridge and pantry are full. But guess Wharton the remedy is folks…….LOVE 🙂 that is how we bring ppl to Jesus Christ our Savior:)

    • Spell check or autocorrect needs some common sense and/or logic but that would make it too human, I guess. I knew what you meant and understood the source so don’t feel too badly about it.

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